Best Hitchcock Films Not Directed By Hitchcock

Hitchcock felt the suspense would be lost if the camera cut away, so he wrote sections of the movie in chunks to correspond to the size of a reel of film and then would hide the edit as the camera passed behind a chair or person’s back. “Rope” remains one of Hitchcock’s most fascinating experiments, even if he once said that the experiment “didn’t work.”


More than any of Hitchcock’s other suspense movies, Vertigo finds the horror in some of the more frightening aspects of the human mind. It is a film that requires the viewer’s full attention, demanding that, if only for a little while, the story be the matter at hand.

His influence can be felt in virtually every thriller made today. Taken as a whole, his expert entertainments comprise one of filmgoing’s most pleasurable hedge mazes (trust us, you won’t mind getting lost). Let us suggest the way in with our ranking of all 52 Alfred Hitchcock movies. “Rope” – “Rope” is an early example of an entire film shown in a single, unbroken take. The story involves two people who murder a man, hide his body in a trunk in the center of a room and then host a dinner party surrounding it to prove they’ve committed the perfect crime.

The ultimate horror film is also Hitchcock’s best voyage into the realm of hopeless love. The love story – the romance – is the foundation of all his films. In his romantic films, the story ends happily with the couple getting each other; not so though in the ironic films . Failing health reduced Hitchcock’s output during the last two decades of his life. Biographer Stephen Rebello claimed Universal “forced” two movies on him, Torn Curtain and Topaz .

Best Alfred Hitchcock Films

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